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Corporate Video Experts

We specialise in scripting and producing purposeful, powerful, effective marketing and promotional corporate videos.

We're very good at it, so we've won several awards but we know it's never 'about us'.

It's not even 'about you'!

It's about your clients and customers, and helping them identify with your solution to their problem.

We use clever video psychological tricks which subtly influence how your viewer is going to feel, react and ACT, influencing your customers into doing what you want them to with almost jedi-like precision.

Companies using video effectively can grow revenue 49% faster (stats from Vidyard)

We're on a mission to help your company market itself so well, customers will not be able to skip over your content. Your business can use VIDEO effectively for marketing, promotion and generating business.

Ordinary video is easy. EFFECTIVE video takes expertise.

We are experts at getting inside your customer's head to help you generate business, and we do it with video.

More than ever before, video is all about connecting to your customers’ current emotional state. Relevance has always been promoted heavily by the likes of Google and Facebook, video delivers emotional relevance with a pinpoint accuracy that no other medium can.

For example: I’m looking for help with my company’s complex and stressful annual returns.

Option 1: If I see a website promoting a firm of accountants. Its’ not relevant to me.

Option 2: If I see a detailed blog post about how a chartered accountant has specialised expertise in corporate returns. That IS more relevant but I still have to read the article and decide whether I trust them and like the person, if I meet him further down the line. There are still obstacles to business being done.

Option 3: I watch a video with a corporate returns expert chatting to his client about how much stress and worry has been removed by the returns expert. That speaks to me directly, it’s 100% relevant to me. Not only that, I already have the trust and relationship with the accountant before I get in touch. I’m confident I’ve found the right solution to my problem. It’s a done deal right from the start.

And of those three options – I clicked the video first because as content consumers, we simply can’t help ourselves. We love video.

Any marketing activity has to be seen in the context of the marketing plan and the plan in context of the over-all marketing strategy. This means looking at all other activity to see where video fits in.

Of highest importance are the target audience, what’s on their mind at various stages of their contact with you, and the specific messages that need to be delivered.

Working out what needs to be achieved at any given point in the marketing funnel is essential and it’s how video can be immensely powerful and effective. A video with a highly specific purpose aimed at an audience who’s mindset and emotional needs are exactly known has almost Jedi-like powers of persuasion.

Budgeting correctly is a big factor, overspending is wasteful but underspending can make you look “cheap” with poor production values. It’s different for every business, the budget must make sense when seen along side other marketing costs.

When you start to see the importance of the target audience and purpose, defining different “types” of video immediately becomes less meaningful.

We film live footage, location or in studio, green screen, drone footage, create CGI animation, hand-drawn animation, white-board style, explainer-video style, 360 degree footage – any and all techniques can be used to fit with the branding and message being delivered. The style is always of secondary importance, and is dictated by the audience and message.

Technology moves fast, so we have to keep on the cutting edge of it with such things as drones, 360degree video or 4K footage. Story-telling, psychology and good marketing principles don’t change – it’s just that we have more tools available.

Attention, great looking video, view numbers or 'likes' are a simply a means to an end, not the end itself.

You want people to click a link, buy a product or pick up the phone and call you.

Video works so astonishingly well for one simple reason.

It tells a story.

Words and pictures on a website require you to read them and interpret the message. Video delivers the message so easily and tells you how to feel. It’s like being spoon-fed joy.

We can emotionally identify with a story, we can’t identify with a block of text. Our brains are programmed to like story – and therefore video. We find it immensely easy to understand. We actively seek video out over any other content type for this reason.

Standards used in production depend to some extent on where the video will be used but the core standard for production is still 1080P – High Definition / Blu-Ray quality.

Things are moving towards 4K production being standard, as more TVs and devices become available that will show off 4K productions. However, you always have to remember – it’s never about “you” or the quality of production in terms of technology.

It’s about your viewer / customer, and how they’ll feel or act. Gorgeous 4K productions might well be appropriate for selling a car on a large screen in a showroom where luxurious quality is a factor in selling the product.

On a platform such as Facebook, increasingly the focus is on making the video “LOOK” like it was shot on a phone. People engage with selfie videos more than professional-looking adverts. Nobody likes to see adverts in a social setting – they skip over most of them.

The actual production process can be remarkably varied. It can be 1 man with a camera – or a crew of 20 with actors, props assistants, costume etc. Modern technology has all but done away with the need for a separate boom operator, sound recordist, large camera, focus puller – and so on.

As with most things – planning is key. Planning the lighting, location, and most importantly – the script. Every second of finished video is planned, scripted and designed in a storyboard before a single camera is turned on which means not an ounce of production time is wasted.

Perfecting the script is so important, it’s often half the entire job or more. The language used, the wording, phrasing – I call it “precision scripting”. It makes the difference between a video which doesn’t get watched, and one which generates revenue.

Dozens of elements such as sound, music, animation, titles, and computer graphics can come together after filming in post-production. The magic really happens in the edit – that’s where the script comes to life and all the footage is turned into a production.

Corporate Video Experts

There are plenty of video production companies who will produce a corporate video for you. The thing is - you don't actually want 'a corporate video'.

There are dozens of tools to help you put together a video yourself in every style from animated sketches and "explainer videos", to mobile selfies.

The internet has become populated by poorly scripted, boring videos which share 2 common attributes - they don't get watched and they don't work.

And frankly, we know why. It's not about you or your company.

It's about your customers emotionally identifying with your brand, your product and you.

Video is simply a means to an end

You want more sales and more profit

We have case studies and examples of work on our website on the Case Studies page, and some examples of styles on our Video Production page.

For me personally, the most exciting part of this job is it never being the same from one day to the next.

I have to get right under the hood of every business we work with – know their product, their audience, the business and the processes inside out – often in great technical detail in order to produce video which will work.

One day I need to be an expert on Shark’s teeth, the next I’m designing video which explains how a pharmaceutical drug works. To do that, I need to know how it works in order to write the script – but I’d also need to know regulations, and company branding guidelines for example.

The best moments come from clients who’ve tried video before and seen it not work – they remain to be convinced that doing it right can make such a difference.

When we follow our process of business analysis and design video we know will be effective at doing specific things, the results make me smile, because the client can’t quite believe it.

I’ve had a client literally add several million pounds to their bottom line – simply by using video correctly.

About The Team

Lawrence Conyers, Business Communications Specialist

The Corporate Video Experts team is led by Lawrence Conyers, one of the most widely experienced corporate communications specialists in the country. His enviable reputation for creativity is known from the U.S. to China and he has a number of global award-winning productions to its name.

Lawrence is also a published author and experienced actor, theatrical director, photographer and independent film-maker. It's this broad knowledge of communication and performance that makes Corporate Video Experts unique and so effective.

Much of his early career was within large corporate environments where he pioneered the use of engaging media but it is now his life’s mission to make companies shine and stand out against their competition.