Companies of all sizes rely on our expertise.

Here are a selected few, and how we helped them


Car Dealership Franchise

Their Problem

S.G.Petch are the largest independent franchise car dealership in the North East of England. They are well known and proud of their reputation, offering private and commercial vehicles from a number of different manufacturers.

Previous attempts at using video had been unsuccessful, generating very few views and little interest. The videos were short filmed test drives of new models, but were poorly produced. They competed directly with high quality productions such as BBC’s Top Gear.

Our Solution

A review of all elements of the company’s marketing was undertaken, taking into account website and social media strategies, along with promotional rally events. We took the unique approach of creating an entire mini-sitcom “The Unlucky Salesman” which was scripted in 7 episodes, delivered over a period of time to persuade people to come back to the website and watch the next one. The same characters were used in other advertising media and in showroom.

The Result

The videos attracted many thousands of views, generating repeat visits to the client’s website. Customer curiosity was also achieved with people visiting the showroom to meet the fictional characters.

The concept of “entertain, don’t sell” continues to form the core of this strategy, with the characters and scenarios being used in a number of ways with one goal in mind. “Give the viewer a reason to watch”

The campaign was so successful, it was copied by a major Canadian dealership franchise, who still use it. S.G.Petch was able to re-negotiate their deal with Fiat as a result of the increased publicity

SGPetch Videos by Corporate Video Experts SGPetch Videos by Corporate Video Experts

I am writing to thank you for the fantastic service you have given us... ...this is a brand new concept of marketing for us and it is already causing quite a reaction in the press.

This form of marketing offers us tremendous value for money... ...No other motor dealer is doing anything remotely similar so we stand out from the rest of the crowd

Simon Reese (Finance Director, S.G.Petch)


Business Networking and Training

Their Problem

BNI provides training and education to its members in an effort to improve their networking and business skills which in turn, improves member retention. Due to the franchise structure of this multi-national business, messages were being delivered in a variety of inconsistent ways with varying degrees of effectiveness

The 'dry subject matter' of business training meant that many members were avoiding learning sessions and materials completely.

Our Solution

A simple message about a business meeting was focussed on - and a unique approach adopted. The same 'presenter' would play all the parts, having conversations with himself. Friendly but distinct humuour was mixed with dry subject matter to become more like entertainment, whilst delivering the important message

The Result

The first such video 'A Cup Of Tea' and it's follow up 'More Tea' became an instant world-wide viral 'hit' with copies being subtitled into diverse languages and shown an all international BNI territories. The videos became the most-watched-videos in the organisation's history and the presenter - instantly recognised by any BNI member world-wide. BNI have continued to use this approach, mixing light humour, often based on well-known comedy sketches, with dry business messages to deliver their training ever since.

BNI Videos by Corporate Video Experts BNI Videos by Corporate Video Experts

'I just watched your video and all I can say is 'YOU ARE AMAZING'. This is a fabulous video that I will promote across the whole organisation. You out-did yourself - again!'

Dr. Ivan Misner (Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, BNI)

Cleveland Bridge

Civil Engineering

Their Problem

Cleveland Bridge has an illustrious, long history and has been involved in the building of many world-famous landmarks from Sydney Harbour Bridge, to the Thames Barrier. Their name and brand however is now far less well known, and they found themselves perceived as slow or expensive when compared with their international competitors.

The company’s achievements are, uniquely, spread across 3 centuries and could easily be seen as no longer relevant. They needed to be perceived as lean, modern and efficient in order to compete on the global stage.

Our Solution

Modern and Relevant were high priority keywords, so much time-lapse footage was shot around the UK to create a sense of speed and deliberate overpacing (a psychological trick) used. Stock footage of international locations was used as a budget-conscious but effective alternative to location filming.

The Result

Chunky 3D keywords give a sense of strength and authority, a strong emotive soundtrack delivers a sense of grandeur on a global, industrial scale. It is not aimed at the consumer, but at board-level decision makers who buy based on emotional reaction as much as anyone else.

The effective production is heavily used online, in client presentations, and within display media at exhibitions and on site. Cleveland Bridge are now seen as globally relevant for the 21st Century.

Cleveland Bridge Video by Corporate Video Experts Cleveland Bridge Video by Corporate Video Experts

I am writing to show my appreciation of the work you carried out for my business... ...yet again you produced a video that grabbed the attention of the intended audience and led to considerable amounts of new business for us.

It is a true pleasure to work with such creative genius and will purposefully promote your servcies to ever client and contact

Jon Alsop (Managing Director, FreshNRG)


Commercial Climate Control

Their Problem

PremiAir, like many SMEs, have numerous services appropriate to different market sectors. This can be confusing and off-putting to potential customers who need to see a message which is immediately relevant to them. A message about Air Conditioning is not relevant to a customer business looking for a heating solution.

The company uses social media heavily in their marketing strategy, making relevance of paramount importance. Whilst recognising the need to use video as an on-going part of this, as a small business, they also have limited budget.

Our Solution

'Easy, light, breezy, friendly and warm' were all significant keywords which emerged from branding and planning sessions. A modular approach to production was adopted, with 15 different animations, detailing individual types of servces. These are combined in any chosen sequence according to where in website navigation the customer is.

Language used in scripting was precisely chosen to reflect the branding and trigger keywords are carefully used. A branded 'lower third' was created to allow PremiAir to create zero-cost blog and social media videos moving forward.

The Result

Using the power of Youtube and Facebook as search engines, PremiAir experienced a huge boost in Organic Search Traffic, driving appropriate traffic to relevant parts of the website, where customers are presented with an immediately relevant message, with a strong and frequent call-to-action.

New blog post and Facebook advertising videos maintain branding and a professional appearance, with no additional on-going cost.

PremiAir Animations by Corporate Video Experts PremiAir Animations by Corporate Video Experts

To say we were happy is an understatement. We were positioning ourselves to launch a trial of a new product Amala at the North East Expo... but needed something which caught the eye of passers by.

Stuart Davies (Managing Director, Amala)


Domestic Goods

Their Problem

Hombase uses video as part of their internal training strategy. An unfortunate problem had arisen, preventing an intended video being used during a training day. This could have prevented important messages being delivered to staff and led to significant loss of staff time, disruption and cost to the business, having to re-book and re-organise training days to which staff attendance is compulsory.

We were approached with only 48 hours available in which to film, produce, finish and deliver a production detailing 'A day in the life of a delivery driver'. Urgent approaches by Homebase to other production companies had led them to believe it was simply not possible to produce a film in this timescale.

Our Solution

Our production team split in to 3 sections, despatching an experienced film crew with the featured delivery team immediately. Simultaneously, phone and video calls allowed us to plan and storyboard the messages required, into which the footage could be edited. Constant contact with the film crew was maintained to make sure we would have required footage. Post production and editing also began immediately with placeholder footage, using our knowledge of how such a video must be edited.

The Result

Through-the-night work by all team members, constant communication with disparate crews who provided live feedback on shots, and our extensive experience of production allowed us to 'get ahead' of the footage still being filmed. We delivered the finished production with a full 12 hours to spare.

Homebase was able to use the film in their training session, and no member of Homebase staff attending the training day was aware there was ever a potential issue.

Companies of all sizes rely on our expertise.

Homebase Video by Corporate Video Experts Homebase Video by Corporate Video Experts